Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My 22nd Party

Ok ok... This is NOT party no 22 for me but rather this is my 22nd birthday. So, what can I say?? I am getting old?? No way!! I am still enjoying myself. I still jump around.... I am still who I am, as hyperactive as usual! Hahah!

I had my little party at FINNEGAN'S Irish Pubs and Restaurants in Sultan Ismail.

Food Menu of the night.... Not too heavy and not too light and the combination was just perfect!!

There was 3 items..

1. Tomato brushetta
2. Rice paper Glass noodles and chicken spring rolls
3. Cheese and Bacon bites

with a main of Sushi!! Hehehe!!

Here are some of the people who came for my party... Hahah... I got so wasted but there were a couple of guys who cheered me up when I was sooo dizzy.. I never really got your name but thanks!!! It made my day....

~ Eli, Tesh and Cibol ~

~ With Tesh and Eli ~

~ Whoops.... Candid shot!! ~

~ My beloved housemate, Paulina ~

~ Candid: Tesh and the sushi being eaten by him ~

~ With Cibol ~

~ Su En with her entourage of body guards... Hehe!! ~

~ Bane of SpringFairy: Flaming Lambourghini!!!! ~

My God!!! It was hot but the minty taste was perfect... Even though I really turned green after that! Hahah!!! Oh ya.... I got slightly burned by the flaming alcohol... Lolz... Nope... no marks...

~ My birthday cake in courtesy of FINN'S ~

My presents from my dear friends!!!

Make a guess which of the presents above are my favorite!!! No.... I am not promoting favoritism but just as a mini trivia. Hehehe... Oh ya... something to add on.. The person who gave me the red elephant, I am a bit upset with you because your work partner and yourself didn't get to come for my party... Next time I hope to see you guys, ok??

Thank you heaps and heaps over to all of you who attended my birthday party at FINNEGAN'S Irish Pubs and Restaurants!!! It was a blast although I got wasted at the end of it. Haha!!

Cheers mate!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Turning 22

So, it is official.... I am turning 22 today!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!! Whee....

Been a long time since I blogged anything here!!! Man.... I do sincerely apologize.... I will try to blog more now that I am going to have a little more time to my hands soon

Achievement for the first half of year 2008

1. Been working for the past 6 months with FINNEGAN'S Irish Pubs & Restaurants
2. The launching of The George and Dragon, an English themed pub in February
3. Planning Cibol's birthday party in Jalan Sultan Ismail outlet
4. St Patrick's Day celebration in the outlet in Jalan Sultan Ismail.
5. Making a huge painting for the Going Hawaii party in May
6. Planning the Going Hawaii party in May
7. Got my application form for the university I want to attend

Things that happened to me recently

1. I gained weight, no I am not going to reveal how much!!!
2. I went to Cameron Highlands early in May for a short vacation with my friends
3. Lost my handphone twice... Anyone who wants my number and also want to be included in
my list of friends, please drop me a message.
4. Starting my new job soon... Do check for updates!!!
5. I moved out of Cyberjaya to PJ now
6. I can no longer speak much Bahasa Kedah. I speak mostly Bahasa Sabah now

Pictures will come out soon... This is what I can put up for now... I need to sleep... Gotta work in the morning... Hahah!!! Yeap... Am still working on my birthday... Hehehe!!!! Cheers, people!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

40,000 thumbs up for BERSIH

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,

know of no reason

Why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent
To blow up King and Parli'ment.

Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;

By God's providence he was catch'd

With a dark lantern and burning match.

Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.

Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
Guy Fawke's Day rhyme

Remember, remember the Tenth of November,
The Peoples' March and the colour Yellow,

know of no reason

Why the Peoples' March
Should ever be forgot.
Clean Voting, Clean Judiciary, t'was our intent
To clean Elections and Parli'ment.
Four thousand-scores of head held high
To prove old Malaysia's overthrow;

By God's providence the memorandum was sent
With an order and brave People.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.

Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

Malaysia's 10th of Nov rhyme

I think most of you are familiar with the movie, V for Vendetta, where he keeps saying this, "Remember, remember the 5th of November" Well.. the movie itself was based on a true historical incident. I wonder if anyone here in Malaysia will do something like that or better still commemorate the day when the People stood for what they believe. My visitors who believe otherwise, you are free to your own opinion but I beg you to reflect on what is going on right now not only in our lives as citizens of this "paradise" called Malaysia.

10th November, the day Malaysian stood side by side regardless of race and religion, uniting against a cause many hold close to their heart. Continue to do so regardless of the time. We need that. In fact, by being united and not segregated that we got our Independence and our "freedom"

I think a number of people will call me an online activist; talk only but no action. However, does action need to be seen in actual statistics in the current world?? The existence of so many a statistics, did it do the world any difference?? I'd say, statistics are just numbers!! What role does it play to bring peace to the nation?? I'd prefer educated people!!! I am not meaning the university educated folks but rather those who have attended the school of hard knocks. The school that educated us about the life. I think most of us have walked here with different results.
So, what result did you surface from?? Can you answer me??

Monday, September 24, 2007

Freedom Film Festival 2007 (Penang leg)

Freedom Film Festival 2007’s Penang leg kicked off on Friday, 22nd of September at 7.30 pm at the Actor Studio Greenhall . The opening speech was by a “YB”. You’ll be asking me why I am using inverted commas for the YB next… Well, the reason for it is because the “YB” is NOT a real YB. For my readers who are not familiar with the Malaysian terms, YB means Yang Berhormat a.k.a the representative of the people in the Parliament. In other words, the opening is a parody of who are the people who sponsored Freedom Film Fest. The winners were next introduced. Ong Boon Keong, Fahmi Reza and Indrani.

The first video that was showed that night was “I love Malaya” This video was made by Asia Witness Production. It’s about the struggle of the former Communist leaders of Malaysia who fought for our Independence along side the other leaders. The other leaders used words and sucked up to the British leaders but not these people. They stood firm to their policies.

They are currently living in Thailand, stateless as they ran away from Malaysia but running away from the land they fight for is not because they do not love the country, rather they have no choice but to save their lives that are threaten by the Government that was bent to break them up. The video looks back into the time after the Malaysian Government decided to accept the ex members of the Communist. They said that they are welcome to return back to Malaysia. The media reported that and after that there was no more news about all of these until Chin Peng wanted to returned to visit his parent’s grave. He also expressed his wish to live out the remainder of his days in his hometown of Sitiawan.

Next, we had a documentary by Aljazeera titled, River Kwai. It’s about the infamous Siam- Burma railway was an ugly chapter of world war. This story revolves the untold story of how the majority of sweat and blood spilled on the railway belong to Asian workers, forced to work as slaves by the Imperial Japanese Army. For the first time, some of the survivors of that
horror have brought their case to court demanding compensation and an apology. 101 follows the battle for compensation by the forgotten survivors of the Siam-Burma Death Railway.

Not forgetting also a parody the height of election season and 4 candidates, including the incumbent have a chance to address the nation on television, set in a fictional country called Faltasia. It’s called “Idiot Nation” by Tan Meng Yoe.

The finale of the night is “Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka” by Fahmi Reza, one of the winners for the Freedom Film Festival 2007. Unknown to many, October 20th, 1947 was an important and historical day in the people’s constitutional struggle for independence from British colonialism. This documentary chronicles the events that culminated in the Malaya-wide
‘Hartal’ day of protest (a form of non-violent protest) against the undemocratic Federation of Malaya Constitutional Proposals devised by the British Colonial Government and the UMNO. This was the rise of the people’s democratic movement in Malaya, ten years before Merdeka.

There was a short sharing and discussion after the movie screening...

Wanna see the pictures for the event??? Just scroll down~ (coming soon!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well now... What is all this nonsense that University personnel has the power to confiscate personal belongings??? Don't laptops, MP4 player, pen drive, mobile phone and personal documents come under the category of private belongings????? If you ask me, I think it is wrong for them to withhold the belongings of Yee Yang Yang. By confiscating his belongings, it's a breech of personal space and freedom. If we can say the house we stay in and all comes under private property, don't laptops, MP4 player, pendrive, mobile phone and personal documents come under the category of private belongings come under that same category???? Speaking of which, who owns the laptop in the first place??? UPM or the STUDENT???

MalaysiaKini today reported by Syed Jaymal Zahiid on Sep 20, 07 at 12:26pm.

An Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) student activist whose laptop and other belongings were confiscated by university authorities has described the charges against him as being baseless.

In a memorandum to the Bar Council human rights committee yesterday, student Yee Yang Yang outlined several contradictions in the accusations made by UPM vice-chancellor Nik Mustapha R Abdullah.

Accompanying Yee was UPM Progressive Students’ Movement (GMM) external coordinator Lee Song Yong.

Lee said the accusation that pornographic material were found in Yee’s laptop was "baseless" since the laptop, which was confiscated by UPM security personnel, cannot be accessed without his password.

“On Sept 17, when Yee met UPM’s security director, the latter had demanded the password from Yee.

“Without the password, one cannot access the laptop and if you can't access it, how do you know there is pornographic material in there?” he asked.

Two days before the meeting with the security director, Lee alleged that a security officer had warned Yee to stop making a fuss or he will be penalised for being in possession of pornographic material.

On Tuesday, Nik Mustapha said UPM’s security personnel had also found leaflets produced by an unregistered organisation in Yee’s room.

He said the university authorities had acted according to procedure and dismissed Yee’s claim that he was being targeted because of his ‘political leaning’.

Disturbing manner

Meanwhile, Lee also disagreed with the VC’s statement that Yee had consented to having his belonging taken for investigation.

According to him, Yee had asked for his belongings to be returned immediately but this was denied.

Lee also disputed the allegation that security personnel had conducted a room-to-room search because of a complaint regarding a spate of laptop thefts.

He claimed that Yee was only grilled on the leaflets and not once was the theft of laptops mentioned.

As for being accused of ‘lying’ about his university ID matrix card, Lee said the student activist did lose the card.

Upon receiving the memorandum, Bar Council human rights committee chairperson Edmund Bon said the university had acted in a ‘disturbing manner’.

Bon said the excuse to confiscate Yee’s laptop “seemed like a pretext to something deeper.”

“We have reasons to believe that this case is collateral as it is obvious that the case is not of laptop theft but of other reasons,” he explained.

The committee’s deputy chairperson Amer Hamzah Arshad criticized the VC for making a premature and biased statement.

“As a VC, you must take a neutral stand and not take sides. This is in our view an underhand tactic to curtail freedom of expression which is becoming a dangerous trend in all public varsities” he said.

He then assured that the committee will study the memorandum and take the appropriate action.

Present at the press conference were other student groups such as the Malaysian Federation of Islamic Students (Gamis) and Student and Youth Democratic Action Group (Dema).

Caught on tape

Yee's effort on Saturday to retrieved his items from the university was recorded in a nine-minute video by one of his friends.

It included a tense stand-off between the students and Zamali Samsi, the head of the university's Special Task Unit, a student-monitoring outfit which is part of the campus security.

The students stood in front and the back of the vehicle carrying Zamali to stop him from leaving until they got their letter of acknowledgment [see video].

Yee had previously claimed that the university authorities had acted against him because of his involvement in the ‘opposition’ camp.

Rival students groups - known as anti-establishment and pro-government factions - are already in the midst of campaign preparations for the soon-to-be held campus polls.

Last year, the anti-establishment group - who are generally regarded to be pro-opposition - had boycotted the election.

For those of you who have have a MalaysiaKini account, do check it out.


Are you going to sit quiet knowing that your personal belonging does not really belong to you??? Or does it?? Especially after this. Let me ask you this. Who bought the laptop for you and who paid for it?? Did your university purchased and provided it for you or it was bought with your parent's hard-earned money??? So, if they wanna confiscate your personal belongings, NEVER EVER let it go. It's yours to begin with, not theirs; so that does not give them the right to confiscate it at all.

As for the allegations about porn in the laptop, I want to ask the guys, ok... Which guy does not have porn in their laptop or pc??? Okay.... It's generalizing but my point is, which guy does not watch porn??? If you ask me, porn's been around all through the ages but why are we the ones making a fuss about it?? In ancient times, porn was viewed as a form of Art!!! If you see paintings by great masters, aren't they painting naked people and also all sorts of sexual positions?? If they didn't how in the world did we progress to what we are now?? Can you answer me on that??? How on earth did the various names for positions is known to mankind??? Frown all you want on this post but it's the truth or would you like to go against history???

Speaking of which, how long do they want to impose AUKU on the students??? When will they ever wake up??? The advertisements on the media are going on and on about the young being the future leaders of the country but are we treated that way??? Anyone wanna answer that???

Check the video of the incident, people....

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Do you know me well??

Here are the rules:

1. Each blogger must post these rules up first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight things about them that they think people don’t really know
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to respond to the tag through their own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to be tagged.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged, and read your blog.

8 Things That I Think You Don’t Really Know About Me

I went for National Service and I miss it!!

Yeap.. I went for National Service and I was one of the pioneer batch. The first of the first. Yeah, most of the stuff we got was new and all but not all the infrastructure was ready yet. The obstacle course was not ready yet when my batch went there. I met so many new friends and also not to mention great people during the program. The trainers were friendly and great people. I remember that time, one of the trainer saw my name tag, which was given to us for the Kenegaraan or Patriotism session of the National Service. He commented on the brightness that was in the tag and requested that I decorated it for him. I still have those pictures and I still recall him. We all called him, Cikgu Aziz. We learnt a lot during that time and also had a lot of fun. 2 weeks before we were supposed to return home, the Army came and took over the camp. Things got stricter but we didn't mind at all. Their strictness is, "Don't ask any questions. Ask and you suffer the consequences of being yelled at." This was what has happened in my camp, Kem Damai Park and UiTM Merbok in Kedah.

It's a nice place, the Damai Park Resort Kem. You can go there for holidays too especially you wanna experience a village like environment. For more details, you can contact them at 604-4573340 or 019-4474598. The fax number of this resort is, 604-4573341. Alternatively you can email them at DPRYQT@tm.net.my.

I love researching on things like places and people

I am a bookish person who loves to read a lot. A lot can be covered by me in matter of hours. The weird thing is.... my study life sucks!!! I can remember a lot of things from research and history books but never my other subjects that required studying... Why I wonder.... Currently I'm out of books to read and not only that, Dad made me promise not to buy books for the time being because there is no place for me to store them now AND he said it's not worth it to buy books for me because I read the too fast; finishing a thick book in matter of hours. I don't look like someone who loves to read but I am. Hahaha... Looks can be deceiving, okay??

I hate to be emotional, and annoyed

Tell me anyone who likes that??? I dislike these the most. Why?? When I get emotional and annoyed, I am scary. Let's just say, my voice gets deeper and I tend to look fierce. My friends have learnt not to rub me on the wrong side or woe betide.

I'm a HUGE Chihuahua Lover

Like who wouldn't??? They are such cute little things... No, it's not Paris Hilton influence but I had a Chihuahua before when I was younger. The lil fellas' name was Skippy. Sadly in my Secondary school time, he died. I remember the times I spent with him and also celebrating his birthday every year. Wanna know when he was born?? He was born on the 31 of August and we would always buy a small piece of cake for him. Yeap.. Skippy was a very pampered lil Chihuahua but he was a loyal and protective of the family. Mom and Dad loved him to bits. How to know?? Mom usually will NOT give any of our dogs, yeah we had a few, chocolate but mom would share hers with him. I miss him and also the time we spent together.

I'm a hopeless romantic

I don't look like it but I'd love if someone would do something sweet for me. Sometimes, I do wish someone would bring me flowers and such but who am I kidding now?? I am single and I do not intend to be in a relationship for a long time. I do like someone at the moment but it's not wise for me to take any action now. I'm pining for someone who I do not know if the feeling's mutual but I'm keeping busy and am doing things that I like. Yeah, I know I am on a losing end but one can always have HOPE. It's good enough if the person will remember me and not forget me as time flies by.

I want to travel the world before I leave it

I wanna see the world. The beauty of God's people and creation. It's such a big and wonderful place. There is a lot of places I wanna go and also, I wanna try all the diverse food we have in this world. The colors of the world and even though I am not allowed to enter Israel, I hope I WILL step in there to visit the place where My Lord was born.

I hate seafood

I hate it, I hate it... Okay okay... It's not all the seafood in the world but more on mussels and shellfish or basically anything that has an outer shell. I find the taste disgusting and tummy churning. No offense to you seafood lovers but this is me. I cannot stomach all those and please, you are not allowed to make me eat them. I seriously hate it to the max!!

I'm a Gemini

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and associated with youth and versatility. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a sociable, fun-loving, versatile, lively, communicative, liberal, mentally active and friendly character. The Gemini person is logical, inquisitive, clever,
whimsical, nimble, quick-witted, articulate, lively, active, curious, capable of multi-tasking, talkative, sociable and mercurial. A less developed Gemini is prone to moodiness, inconsistency, superficiality, restlessness and gossip.
Among medieval astrologers, Gemini was thought of as a fortunate sign, and its subjects were considered to possess the qualities of intense devotion, genius, largeness of mind, goodness, and liberality.
In love the Gemini person tends to be serious, demanding and giving. When the less developed Gemini attempts a relationship they are light-hearted, oblivious, fickle, coolly affectionate, flirtatious, and may occasionally have 'a second string to their bow'. They need to be mentally stimulated in a relationship as well as emotionally and sexually.
Suitable occupations are where intellect is used to the full and where constant variety and/or travel are guaranteed; such as lawyer, commercial traveler, writer, journalist, clerk, teacher, printing and publishing.
Physically, individuals born under the sign of Gemini supposedly tend to have a straight and narrow nose, long limbs, a well-proportioned chin, large ears, high cheekbones, a wide mouth, a roundish head, coarsely-textured hair, large hands, and long fingers. They are thought to usually be curvy and wider in build and of average height.

I hope all these information about Gemini to keep you happy because most of it is me. I was astonished myself but this is only for our knowledge.

The people who I wanna tag is Hor ny Ang Moh, Lance, Calvin, Clair, Heidi, mC, Jimmy and Monty


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Big L tag~

What does the BIG L feel like?

Last week, a good friend of mine told me that couples are starting relationships at young tender ages as low as 13! This shocked the hell out of me. Being 23, I couldn’t help but wonder what I have been missing for the past 10 years. Then again, thanks to the media, the Big L is indeed over rated, so why the hooo haaaa? But just out of curiosity, anyone care to share with me? I guess I am its biggest skeptic.

Till this moment (true at press time), when I want to feel the BIG L, I pop a chocolate bar into my mouth. My whole body then trembles (?)…. My vision starts to blur, my mouth starts to salivate, my heart starts to pump and I fly with chocolate wings until all the cocoa melts in my mouth .Then, I suddenly get a burst of energy, my muscles start to spasm violently, my head goes into hyper mode and I start pumping iron (?)..No really!

And so, my quest continued until I discovered something far greater. In my quest for the Big L, I accidentally discovered God!

My hypothesis:
If Love = Chocolate and God = love, by logic, I have proved that God = chocolate. Chocolate= God is false since there is only one God. But whether He is Cadburys, or Kandos, only He knows. The commonly used statement, “I worship Chocolate (?)” can now is justified. No wonder eating Chocolate can be a heavenly experience or an orgasmic one too!

Dark Guy

(Secret code name of writer to avoid identification due to fear of being killed for blasphemy. He is not ready for martyrdom)

...The passion of Chocolate...

This was written by a friend of mine 3 years ago about Love or the Big L as he calls it. If he can consider chocolate to be the source of his Big L, what about yours??? Maybe it's something different....

For me, my Big L's the Honey Dew melons. I just love the sweetness and juiciness of the Honey Dew running down my throat and the sweet wonderful taste it leaves.... It refreshes me and certainly makes my day a much more happier one. Only Honey Dew melons can do that to me... If given a choice, I don't mind sitting down all day eating it and making a pig of myself with Honey Dew melons!!!!!!! What about you??? What is your Big L???

... Yummy!!!...

Hmmm.... Maybe I shall make it a tag... Yes, I shall tag Cibol, Bongkersz, Drumsticks, Mar, Lance and Bernard!!!! You shall write about what gives you the feeling of the Big L as described by my friend. After that, you have to tag another 6 more people to do it. Hehehehe.....


Monday, August 20, 2007

Really??? Answers please......

You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.

You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority and rules.

Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.

You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're quite the storyteller!

In love, you are quite the charmer. And you are definitely willing to risk your heart.

You often don't follow through with your flirting or professed feelings. And you do break a lot of hearts.

At work, you are driven but not a workaholic. You just always seem to enjoy what you do.

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

How you see yourself: compassionate, unselfish, and understanding

When other people don't get you, they see you as: gushy, emotional, and unfocused

Saturday, August 18, 2007

IC 2007 write up

This post was originally written by Elizabeth and Jeremy. This is merely a reproduction and slightly edited edition.

Empowering Student Action for Dialogue and Peace

was the theme for the recent International Committee 2007 (IC 2007) which was held from June 24 to July 7 at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center (APC) in Kuala Lumpur, organized by the International Movement of Catholic Students Asia-Pacific. It was headed by two Asia Pacific IMCS Coordinators, which is Bipul (Bangladesh) and Adrian Pereira (Malaysia), who are currently based in Philippines with the help of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) who are individuals who tirelessly lend a hand to make the International Committee 2007 a successful one.

Bipul (Bangladesh) and Adrian (Malaysia)
IMCS Coordinators for Asia Pacific

Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the International Committee 2007

It was a two week long event of multicultural exchange that proved to be an eye opener and enriching experience for students from every continent in the world and also not forgetting the local students who were involved in the planning. Throughout the event, there were ice-breakers followed by study sessions that injected a great dose of information about the realities of human life in out respective countries and continents. The objective and spirit of the event was to empower students to be peace builders, and the action necessary was dialogue with neighbors, friends, family, other religions and the government. They also discussed the role of media as a tool for peace building and linked faith with peace building.

On the first day, Mass was celebrated by Fr Michael Raymond OFM Cap, the Director of ASAYO.

Fr Michael Raymond OFM Cap (In green vestment)

In his sermon, Fr Michael shared a story of a priest who saw a girl, sitting at the airport and crying. When asked, she said she had been there at the airport for three days already and she couldn’t find her air ticket. The priest, who was listening to her, was filled with sympathy and told her he’ll try to get her a ticket home. The girl stood up and followed him, when suddenly he heard the girl shouting with happiness!!!! Why??? She has found her ticket!!! Guess where it was? She was sitting on it. Fr Michael stressed that we have to get up and start moving if we want to make a difference in this current world.

From left to right; Jules(Togo), Kevin(USA), Hermai(Peru) Adeline(Malaysia), Cynthia(CAN-Malaysia) and John(India)

After Mass, John(India), Jules(Togo), Kevin Ahern, outgoing chairman of IMCS (USA), Adeline (Malaysia), Cynthia (CAN-Malaysia) and Hermai (Peru) shared on the issues and struggles faced by the Catholic students in their own countries, ranging from women issues and AIDS to privatization of high education, problems in their universities and poverty. Bro. Varghese SJ was the moderator. It was clear that all over the world, students are in need of peace. Blaise(Senegal) shared on the issue of migration in his country. When asked about what he has to say about the issues, Blaise said that “there is no point in running away, we should stay back and be pillars of strength for the youth; to be messengers of peace.”

The following day, participants were brought to for exposure trips to places such as Jinjang, Bidor, Sg Siput, PEARCH, JERIT and Welcome Community Home. These places include the indigenous peoples’ settlements, HIV positive patients’ homes, the urban poor housing estate and the rural areas where foreign refugees seek shelter. It was indeed an earth shattering experience to witness their shabby living conditions while leading a life of poverty and stung by perpetual social stigma.

After the exposure trips, they did a social analysis to deepen their understanding about the injustice and conflicts in those areas. There were also brainstorming sessions for concrete solutions to these issues. They then presented what they learned from the trips and the methods of peace building. Do you Malaysians want to see what the local and foreign participants have come out with after the sharing; and also the questions that were posed on the participants who were on location???? Ok… We shall go area by area. Sharing courtesy of the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS)

Indigenous village, Kampung Chang Lama and Kampung Chang Baru, Bidor

- population of 2000 people

- No documents concerning property rights

- Different developers began construction without asking the villagers

- there was sound pollution; dust that led to asthma

- An NGO, SPNS, started efforts to map the lands that the indigenous people own based on
GPS, so they can have some documentation

- Uses the jungle and river as resources for food

- Declined to move from their home even though a sum of money was offered

- If someone dies, they’re buried close to village

- Some parents have no interest in education

- A new kindergarten was started

- Marriages are not fixed; men have to have secure jobs before marriage

- Youngsters are ashamed of their culture; low self-esteem because of outsiders’ comments

- Religions are diversified; some are Christians, some are Ba’hai.

- Non-indigenous marriage partners have to come and live in the village

- Great respect for the jungle because it supplies their needs; animals are considered family

- Very superstitious about the jungle with a lot of taboos

- Mostly Chinese

- Prices in the region are high but they are underpaid

- 3 issues that disturbed us:

§ Parents are not aware of the importance of the education of their children.

§ The fear and intensity of outsiders (including government) invading their land and/or not respecting their rights

§ The department for the indigenous people is not fulfilling it’s duties

Q & A

- The indigenous people do not eat the animals from the jungle. Why?

- When they raise the animals, they form a special bond with them and treat them like family. They sell the animals instead of eating them.

- U said that peasants are not interested in education. Education is not confined to our own kind. We do not recognize their own system of learning about their own environment? I feel they are treating education according their culture; there is an education that transmits to their children in a very delicate way. And, what kind of culture is that?

- I think education is related to books and knowledge about the world as well as the knowledge of the forest. But I think they don’t know about the outside world. For example, they had to build their own water system when the water supply failed. They need is to learn more about the outside world to help themselves, to raise their self-esteem.

- As a way of life, they just have what they produce. Do they buy daily products from the outside world?

- Yes they do. They get this kind of communication with others in the market place.

Welcome Community Home

- A sketch was acted out to portray the situation and issues in the home

- A center for people who are thrown out from their families and society

- Our perceptions of the people have changed. AIDS is not about death. It’s about life

- Though they’re affected with AIDS, they are happy and are sharing the pain with compassion

- As a catholic group we can help out in societies like this

- The government is happy with Pearch’s work and is willing to help them

- AIDS is not the issue. The issue or basic problem is the family. It’s is more important to concentrate on a healthy family life as opposed to just combating HIV/AIDS

- three things that disturbed

o People’s perception regarding HIV/AIDS as “punishment from God” because of sins (for instance drug abuse, visits with prostitutes, homosexuality). The ones infected are 90% drug addicts

o The emotional trauma that people with HIV/AIDS suffer due to abandonment from their families is the most painful aspect of the disease that they endure. They are deprived of the basic needs of love and compassion.

o Nurses are negligent, particularly in public hospitals, of these patients. The attitude of these nurses is one of disregard, because they see those who suffer from HIV/AIDS as deserving of the disease. They are not well trained to care for those who suffer from this disease.

o They are not only victims of HIV/AIDS, but of drug abuse, as well.

§ Key problem with relation to issue.

· Those who suffer from HIV/AIDS due to drug abuse were found to seek drugs due to an unhappy childhood. Misconceptions of people regarding HIV/AIDS are due to ignorance and stereotypes.

- Three powerful learning from your experience.

· HIV/AIDS is not about death, it is about life. This message leads them to live with hope and seek joy. WCH nurtures this desire.

· The Center is open to people of all races and religions. It is a completely

peaceful coexistence with no discrimination. It’s a recognized national office of human development.

· Welcome Community Home through its openness has inspired Muslims to open up centers that accept all.

Q & A

- What is so special about this home? Do they have any special treatment for the patients?

- It’s just a name for people from all walks of life, race and religion. In public hospitals, these patients are not treated well. In this home, they respond to the stigma of Aids with love. Most of the patients were living in the streets. Welcome Community Home made an initiative to help them.

Pearch- Burmese Refugee Centre

- Myanmar consists of various states with ethno-centrism. The military government wants to abolish this system through military oppression. The people are forced to renounce their own identities, which caused these people to escape from Myanmar

- But these refugees are not recognized by the Malaysian government as Malaysia was not a signatory of United Nations Human Rights Convention, before signing the United Declaration of Human Rights.

- But Malaysia recognized the Child Refugee Convention and allows children refugees to stay. What happens when the children turns 18?

- The Burmese are undocumented; no healthcare; bad living conditions

- They have no education, no hygiene, they lack nutrition. Their makeshift toilets are just plastic shacks using rainwater.

- There are 2 Canadian volunteers to teach children; one American has been volunteering since one year ago, treating the people, who are the ethnic Chins

- Three things that disturbed:

· Their pathetic condition. Lives in hut with plastic roof. All their furniture is from dump sites. There is no hygiene. 75 people use the same toilet without washing themselves

· They only have money if a few were brave enough to venture outside the area and look for jobs

· ICR volunteers teach the children. A nurse left her family in USA to help the people since a year ago.

Q & A

- Are they happy or do they want to go back to Myanmar?

- They do not wish to return as they will be killed for not complying with the government. All they want is a better life elsewhere

- Who are helping them with food and basic necessities?

- An American, as well as Pearch, fund and help them


- palm oil and plantation workers who work without proper protection and salaries

- “I gain a lot of money working with the palm oil plantation. I can earn up to RM90. But if it rains I have no salary. Sometimes I only have 10 days’ salary in two months. My family cannot survive. After the plantation is sold, we will have to live in the streets…”

- “I am the government. I do not care about my community as they cannot give me money…”

- “My family came to this country to work. After independence in 1957, nothing changed. We worked for the benefit of the companies. We live in houses that belong to the companies. If it rains, we have no salary. In 1990, we protested in front of the Parliament. But the government helps the owners of the land. Our children cannot continue studying…”

- Management have absolute power

- Wives lead monotonous lives surrounded by housework with no chance of entertaining friends.

- The media can’t expose this problem as they are restricted by the landowners and government

Q & A

- Palm oil is used to process food in across the world. It is planted globally, destroying natural forest. Is there a connection between capitalist regimes and Asia? Is this plantation connected?

- In Asia, the British colonist planted these plants for their own use. The workers are living under strict conditions without freedom.

Sg Siput & DBI Village

- A song was presented

- Two villages, both fighting for basic human rights

- 3 disturbing issues:

(Sg Siput)

· Exploitation of labor

· Ill treatment/ Empty promises to workers

· Using fear tactics to intimidate workers

(DBI Village)

· Political connotation – might lead to further oppression

· Lack of direct youth involvement in political struggle

· Lack of education – to help selves and others

- We saw that all these had a political frame behind the problem of land.

- Youngsters were not involved

- Women do not have a view for the future regarding education about these issues. But the women were the ones carrying out the fight

- In this area, people of the 3 main religions in Malaysia were living together.

- Key problem:

o Lack of awareness and understanding of the situation by the general population

o If there is no awareness, the problem continues

o Environmental sustainability - environment was not taking into account. they just think about housing without thinking about the resources

o Business and politics intertwined - There is a political background. It was a mixture of politics and economics. The government look for negotiations with companies instead of with the people

- 3 learnings:

o Migrant and local workers in Malaysia are often abused and exploited

o Employers manipulate the system by taking advantage of the naivety of workers

o MNCs and government are slaves to the capitalist system

o There is a political connotation. A political party behind. The people might associate a better life with fighting the government

- We also met a migrant worker who was abused in Cameron Highlands. He was made to work without salary and was beaten

Urban poor in Jinjang

- The houses they live in do not belong to them. They are old. At first the government promised that they were only supposed to live there for 10 years. But 15 years have passed.

- The area’s rubbish is not collected and the living conditions are very unhygienic, especially since they live very closely.

- The tax rate is very high as compared to their low salaries.

- They live close to electrical wires that can cause cancer

- Their education system is not complete. The teachers are poorly paid.

- The government dismantle their parks to build facilities for the rich

- A center was built for the people but is instead used to try to change their mindset

- Key problem:

o Government discriminates the poor. There are a lot of problems regarding housing ownership.

- The people needed links to the correct political parties in order to enter university

- They have no access to health facilities

- There is a plastic garbage factory located near the settlement

- Permas is an organization that works with the poor. They do social work neglected by the government

- They want to help the people help themselves out of poverty

- they offer informal help to the people, for example, offering accounting services

- The people around this area is very hospitable

Q & A

- Are these people living in these houses because they work for the state? Do they carry out agricultural works?

They do not work for the government. They are living in temporary housing supposedly only for 2 years while their welfare is still being deliberated. It has been 15 years now. And their housing is built on top of dangerous material, like asbestos

From left to right; Fr. Christopher McCoy, Dr. Farid Ishak, Fr. Jojo Fung, Brother Charlie Cheah, Tijah Yok Chopil and Veronica (Moderator)

There was an interfaith talk by speakers of the religions in Malaysia, which are Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, the Indigenous belief which later ended with an interfaith prayer session by the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Taoism (MCCBCHST). It's main objective was to to dialogue for peace ans also to learn from persons of experience rooted in different religions. It was a deeply spiritual session. The room was lit with candles by the participants to symbolize peace, unity and solidarity. A kolam of a white dove was created in the heart of the hall and surrounded by candles, small lamps and rose petals. It was a sight to behold.

The speakers are Dr.Amir Farid Ishak (Islam), Fr. Chris McCoy (Christianity), Brother Charlie Cheah (Buddhism) and Tijah Yok Chopil (Indigenous Beliefs) Here is their background story; their say about their respective religion and the questions that was posed to them. Again, the documentations are courtesy of the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS)

Dr.Amir Farid Ishak

· started a few years ago ; realization that there are sincere people on the “other” side

· “gate crashed” an inter-faith dialogue which was only for non-Muslims (at that time) to

· dissented when people agreed that all religion is the same

· We all have different faiths. We cannot sweep this fact under the rug instead; we need to face the fact.

· dialogued with a young Buddhist monk ;

· am almost an associate member of SFX church

· am a “son” to 2 Indian ladies – Mother Mangalam & Tan Sri Devaki Krishnan ; close relationship built over time

· 7 years ago approached to lead the “Inter Faith Spiritual Movement” ; also the Malaysian Inter Faith Society ; past 3 year also on Global Council of URI – United Religions Initiative – established 12 years ago ; hope to work with the UN on religious issues

· URI – He is a representative of all religions, not only the Muslims.

· What are the barriers? Mindset – extremists and narrow mindedness

· the right teaching of Quran says we are many tribes and people so that we may love one another

· It is also how we interpret our beliefs. The deeper understanding you have of your religion, the broader your perspective. we are aware that God is one and that He loves one and all

· I repeat the many names of God everyday, many times over, but if I do not practice these values, it does not mean anything

Q & A

- how do you evaluate inter faith dialogue compared to 15 years ago?

“Improving by leaps and bounds. Now, we can have inter-faith dialogues even with Muslims; the opportunity to dialogue and interact is there now, but we have to move to action”

- in many places, the Christians initiate dialogue, and Muslims not involved

“it has also been my experience ; Christians been more active in this aspect ; in Malaysia, not many Muslims come forth ; they are in a comfort zone ; because they decided a lot of policies and are the majorities ; in Europe, the Muslims are a minority, but are proactive in dialoguing;

- is the youth situation within the context of inter faith dialogue encouraging?

“Before, the interaction was better; less interaction amongst children of different race and religion; trend is connected to Islamisation; which is contrary to my personal believes; if my understanding is right, the more Islamic we become, the more open we should become

- Continuation of the question on attacks on Madrid and London.

“the attacks in the name of religion ; deviant followers misinterpreting religious teaching ; Muhammad S.A.W said that no one shall take away the right of the non – Muslim ; He even said that if you are forced to go to war, you are not allowed to kill innocents , and unconnected lives ;

Secularism – many European nations have turned their churches into tourist attractions ; throughout history religions have come and gone to the fore ; many reasons for waves of change in religions ; in Malaysia, initially Hindus, then the king embraced Islam and the people also converted ; forceful changes include the conquistadors and the preachers ;

Fr. Chris McCoy

· worked with University students over 11 years

· past 4 years as National Coordinator for Chaplain

· England is a secular community ; multi cultural and multi racial

· “keep your faith private”

· we tolerate anything but do not impose

· university of Southampton “ Speak with pride ; listen with respect” – groups of Muslim, Christian, Jewish etc students together speak for 5 minutes on various topics i.e. moral values, life after death ; students urged to listen with respect and speak with pride for their believes ; no q & a, but discussions over after-session dinner

University of Manchester; “Abraham’s Table” – started by Muslim, Christian and Jewish as they recognize Abraham as a important figure in their religions; food is prepared and they sit at the table; when dessert is served they start discussing religion; started with 30 – 40 students; now more faith joining; womenfolk now complaining, Abraham never went into kitchen; now called “Abraham & Sarah’s Table”

· I believe all changes can begin if we start listening with respect

Q & A

- England is secular; but there remains a connection between the Church and the State?

-“in Rome, the Forum is a symbol of a past culture; Christianity was connected to the State ; but dead connection ; we have many religious symbols and churches but they do not present a commitment to the people”

- In South America, there is no religion problem as 75% of the population is Catholic and there is no conflict. I believe that differences are important.

“This is my experience on England. The two programs are the first steps. People need to listen first or they will not understand the differences. This is applicable to the UK society. Listening is the first step.”

- Secular State is a phenomenon in Europe. What do you think about the attacks in London and Madrid? It is their way of strengthening their faith. How do you analyze the situation and its link to the inter faith dialogue?

“Northern Europe – post-Enlightenment Secular society ; process of rapid change ; faith is being reduced to something personal and private in many systems ; different forms of fundamentalism, manifested itself in Christianity and other faiths, and the nature of civil society’s understanding of threats . Most religions - faith groups are being monitored; there are fundamentalist in practically all religions; due to the lack of full understanding of own religion; I stress that the key is listening to each other

Brother Charlie Cheah

  • Quantity Surveyor with UM Land
  • Founder of a Buddhist society called Quantum Buddhist society
  • the moral of the story is that one man’s favorite might be another man’s dislike ; when we have differing minds, we will have different opinions etc
  • Buddhist of 3 traditions ; Orthodox – Theravada, Mahayana & Hinayana
  • developed many other traditions i.e. Nepal
  • we don’t share the same doctrine and practice ; even amongst Buddhist there is differing opinions ; but never any public show of disagreement ; the peace is kept based on fundamental teaching of Buddha that says everyone has their own minds as far as you can have a level of tolerance
  • we come together for charitable and humanistic goals
  • always try and engage each other to dialogue on common values and Universal values and tolerate each others differences

Q & A

- how is Buddhism connecting with modern science and if there is any affect

“Buddhism is a metaphysical knowledge; talking about mind and body; 2 masses of energy interacting; either in congruent or in conflict; Law of attraction- good energy attracts good energy

- Buddhist in my country (Bangladesh) is all vegetarians; is there a regulation?

“There is a misconception; not all Buddhist are vegetarians; the concept of health and non-violence instigates the want to be vegetarian; once the consciousness of compassion is there, it becomes a natural thought process;

- In Tibet, Buddhism spread fast. Because of the religion, we are not allowed to form an army. Does Buddhism forgive its sinners? What is the political and religious link?

-Tibet practices a god-king concept. There needs to be a separation of state and religion. The god-king concept is not prevalent in other countries. It has nothing to do with the teachings of Buddhism.”

- What about the situation in Burma? They are promoting war and religion.

“the need to separate religion and state ; state patronizing religion and using it for their own ; religion doesn’t teach oppression ; if government chooses to use it for their own means, then karma will soon come into play inevitably”

Tijah Yok Chopil

· as Aslis’, we believe that land is our culture and identity, belief , peace, love and philosophy

· we face the problem that nearly all of Malaysia do not understand our beliefs ; brings forth many problems and conflicts

· we are not recognized and targeted by modern religions

· now we are trying to fight for wider understanding amongst the nation’s populations

· therefore we try and have dialogues with the respective parties , document our knowledge that has always been handed orally and passing it on to respective bodies

· we also try to go out and work with different bodies i.e. religious bodies, NGOs, universities in our effort to let others see our believes

· but the challenges are many ; the issues of the indigenous are sensitive ; not many do not understand and many are afraid to try and help

· some have tried but they aren’t patient

· although we have tried to make an effort i.e. with the government, yet there aren’t bothered ; excuses like that they are always opposing the government

· it is a challenge for us to try and make the friends out there that although it is a sensitive topic, we need to discuss openly

· we feel that if we can respect others, others should also be able to respect us and we will be able to achieve peace

Q & A

- What are the Indigenous people beliefs?

“Generally, our believes are closely tied to the land, air and water; we believe that God is all around us and the world is not to be owned but to be shared; we practice respecting God daily, the way we talk to others, the respect our elders, welcoming everyone, not making fun or abusing animals; but for us, we can kill them to eat, ONLY. The retribution is now after death but during this life itself”

- In my country, the Indigenous believe that if they are good now, they go to paradise, is it the same for you. Do you believe in life after death?

“there are 2 facts of believe ; number 1, if you are good on this Earth, this is heaven, if you are bad, this is hell on Earth ; the other is that we also believe that there is life after death ; but we believe there aren’t any punishment after death, after death, everyone is an equal.

Grace from Sudan leading the participants into the hall with song for the Cultural Mass

On June 30, a myriad of colors and striking designs graced APC Hall in the cultural clothes of the participants for the Cultural Mass. “Today we celebrate our many cultures, sharing the same Lord. We are one in Christ: said Fr Masawe, the presider in his introduction. The prayer of the faithful was said in many a tongue of the world by the participants.

Group Picture after the Cultural Mass... Can you see the colorful arrays of costumes??

Cultural Night followed after Mass. Everyone was having a ball of a time as the “Saturday Night Fever’ provoked a euphoria of joy and excitement. There were performances by the participants themselves. It was a sight to behold because, as diverse as we are with the many races here in Malaysia, it is a rare sight to see cultural performances from all over the world in one place. Most of the time, you have to go to the country to see it. Not only did the participants performed, they also brought goodies, native of their country to be shared by all. The highlight of the night was the proclamation of Blaise from Senegal as the King of the Night and petite, sweet Mary Grace from Myanmar declared the Queen of the Night.

The crowning of the King (Blaise from Senegal) and Queen (Marie Grace from Myanmar) of the night.

On July 1, there was a public mass that was celebrated in St Joseph’s Church, Sentul where the participants took part in the church rites and later on, the participants were taken around KL for a day of outing. The venue of the places visited was the KLCC Sky Bridge, a Buddhist temple in the heart of KL, the National Mosque in KL, Batu Caves and they were taken to Dataran Pahlawan and Alamanda shopping complex in Putrajaya. It was a great experience for the foreign participants as they were exposed to many different cultures and religions along their exciting journey. Besides that, there were Q and A sessions with the people who are in charge of the places of worship that was visited by the participants.

During the second week, the statutory session began. It was time where IMCS members from across the globe came together for a formation session and also to evaluate, discuss and plan legal structural change for the movement in the next 4 years. The statutory session ended with a Mass and the election if the new International Team, Mehul (Chairman) from India, Christopher Malano (Secretary General) who hails from Hawaii and Fr Christopher McCoy (Chaplain) from Liverpool, UK.

Mehul from India, current Chairman of the International Movement of Catholic Students

Christopher Malano from Hawaii (USA); Secretary General for the International Movement of Catholic Students

Fr Christopher McCoy from UK, Chaplain for the International Movement of Catholic Students

July 7, there was an African-Asian Student Forum which was held at the APC. One of the main issues was the Democratic Space which includes freedom of Speech, Media and Religion, and privatization of Higher Education.

International Committee 2007 and the LOC members